Auto & Logistics

Auto & Logistics

As Auto & Logistics continues to be the backbone of global trade and commerce, India Expocity provides a dynamic platform for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to come together, collaborate, and shape the future of Auto & Logistics. Explore the wide spectrum of Auto & Logistics events that India Expocity hosts.
Auto and Logistics

Our Event Offerings:

  • Auto & Logistics Expositions to discover the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in the Auto & Logistics and supply chain industry.
  • Supply Chain Conferences to engage with thought leaders, supply chain experts, and industry professionals at our supply chain conferences.
  • Freight and Transport Symposiums to stay updated on the latest developments in freight, transportation, and Auto & Logistics networks at our symposiums.
  • E-commerce and Last-Mile Delivery Seminars to gain insights into the evolving landscape of e-commerce Auto & Logistics and last-mile delivery.
  • Cold Chain and Pharma Auto & Logistics Expos to explore the specialized world of cold chain and pharmaceutical Auto & Logistics.
  • Customs and Trade Compliance Workshops to navigate the complexities of customs and trade compliance with our workshops.
  • Auto & Logistics Technology Showcases to witness the latest Auto & Logistics technology solutions, including warehouse automation, IoT-enabled tracking, and supply chain visibility tools.
  • Port and Shipping Conventions to explore the maritime and shipping industry at our conventions.

Are you prepared to take your Auto & Logistics event to the next level at India Expocity? Reach out to our devoted team, and together, let's delve into the possibilities of crafting events that leave a lasting impact, fostering innovation and excellence in the realm of Auto & Logistics.

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