Getting Here

Navigating to India Expo City - Your Journey Starts Here!
Welcome to India Expo City, the hub of innovation and events. Getting here is a breeze, and we're excited to provide you with directions to ensure your visit is smooth and convenient.

India Expo City - AMTZ Campus
Pragati Maidan, VM Steel Project S.O
Visakhapatnam, PIN-530031
Andhra Pradesh, India

Whether you're arriving by car, public transportation, or air, India Expo City is easily accessible from various points.

By Car:
If you're driving, simply enter the address into your navigation app or GPS device. The convenient location ensures a hassle-free journey.

Public Transportation:
If you prefer public transportation, you can reach India Expo City via local buses or cabs. The venue is well-known, making it easy for drivers to drop you off at the correct location.

By Air:
If you're arriving by air, Visakhapatnam's airport is conveniently located, allowing for a seamless transition to the event venue. Taxis and transportation services are readily available at the airport.

Andhra Pradesh's Gem:
While you're in Andhra Pradesh, take the opportunity to explore the beauty of the region. Visakhapatnam, with its stunning beaches, cultural landmarks, and vibrant atmosphere, offers a perfect blend of experiences to complement your visit to India Expo City.

Prepare for an enriching event experience at India Expo City - a place where innovation meets opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring your journey to the venue is as enjoyable as the event itself.


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